Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where I'm Calling From

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is pleased to present

Where I'm Calling From

featuring videos by Dale HoytJan Peacock
Anna Shteynshleyger, and Regina Clarkinia

and photography by Justine Reyes

Reception for the artists, Friday, November 5th, 5-9
exhibition on view October 29th-November 27th

"I won't raise my voice. Not even if she starts something.
She'll ask me where I'm calling from, and I'll have to tell her.
I won't say anything about New Year's resolutions.
There's no way to make a joke out of this."                  
-Raymond Carver, "Where I'm Calling From"

"Where I'm calling from" until relatively recently was a static
notion; the phone you were using was stationary, and more
often than not you were phoning from home to someone else
in their home. Now, the cell phone's mobility, and our general
mobility as a society, has shifted that reality and the question
of where you are calling from becomes more literal, just as it
obscures the surety of notions of "home." Each of the video
works in this exhibition employs the phone as the potent,
elliptical tool that it is and explores its simultaneous relationship
to both place and placelessness, home and distance from home.
The photography by Reyes makes palpable the honest yearning
of place through her revelatory portraits of her mother and uncle
in their home and in hotel rooms in various locales from her
series "Home, Away From Home."
Krowswork Gallery 480 23rd St. Oakland, CA 94612

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