Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Foto Week DC

I am proud to have my work included in 100 Portraits / 100 Photographers

Selections from the Archive Produced by Andy Adams and Larissa Leclair


As an added fine art component to the NightGallery projections, this screening features 100 dynamic portraits from an exciting group of contemporary photographers in all stages of their careers, each selected from the digital archive on Our decision to highlight work from this website celebrates the role that a thriving online photography community plays in the discovery and dissemination of work produced by significant artists in the Internet Era. Contemporary photo culture is marked by a continuous flow of images online, and our aim is to take a moment to recognize some of the noteworthy photographs published in this ever-expanding archive over the past four years. In this context, projected several times larger than life, these portraits look back at us and embody a louder voice in the discourse of the gaze.


Amy Elkins /Amy Stein / Andreas Laszlo Konrath / Anna Bauer /Ben Handzo / Ben Huff /Betsy Schneider / Birthe Piontek / Bob Shamis / Bradley Peters / Brea Souders / Brian David Stevens / Brian Ulrich / Bronek Kozka / Caitlin Teal Price / Carl Wooley / Carrie Will / Chris Verene / Claire Beckett / Clayton Cotterell / Daniel Ramos / Daniel Shea / Darin Mickey / Dave Jordano / David Griggs /David Maisel / David Wright / Deborah Mitelstaedt / Dina Kantor / Dorothy Deiss / Doug Dubois / Elijah Gowin / Elizabeth Fleming / Eric Ogden / Eric Weeks / Finn O'Hara / Gloria Baker-Feinstein / Graham Miller / Hector Mediavilla / Jacob Koestler /Jaimie Warren / Jane Tam / Jason Florio / Jason Hanasik / Jen Davis /Jesse Burke / Jessica Todd Harper / Jon Feinstein / Joni Sternbach /Jorg Bruggeman / Justine Reyes / Justyna Badach / Katrina d'Autremont / Keliy Anderson-Staley / Lara Pannack / La Toya Ruby Frazier / Lydia Panas /Manjari Sharma / Mary Amor / Maureen Drennan / Mickey Kerr / Mikael Kennedy / Mikhael Subotzky / Molly Landreth / Mona Kuhn / Monika Merva / Myra Greene / Nadine Rovner /Nathalie Bothur / Noah Kalina / Philip Dembinski / Phil Toledano / Rachael Dunville / Rafal Milach / Sage Sohie / Robin Schwartz / Sage Sohier / Sara Code-Kroll / Sarah Small / Sarah Wilson / Shane Lavalette / Shawn Gust / Shen Wei / Simon Roberts / Sophia Wallace / Sophie Jacobson / Steffanie Halley /Stella Kalaw / Steve Giovinco / Stewart Simons / Susan Worsham / Suzanne Opton /Tamara Dean /Tealia Ellis-Ritter / Todd Hido / Victor Cobo /Wang Yi Fei / Will Steacy / Zoe Strauss / Zwelethu Mthethwa

Foto Week DC  Nov 6th-13th 2010

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