Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Frame Apart, Queens International 4

Join me this Saturday February 7th at the Queens Museum of Art 3:00-6:00pm for: A Frame Apart: Short Films on Queens followed by Q&A with directors & light refreshments.
There are over 118 nationalities and cultural groups living in Queens. Many are recent immigrants while others have been here for several generations. There are stories from around the world on its streets -- some are visible to the casual visitor, while others unfold more discreetly. Queens is the both a muse and a battleground, simultaneously a node connecting world cities and a patchwork of insular neighborhoods. The advent of digital video technologies, has given rise to numerous documentaries on the complex and fast-evolving cultural phenomena of this borough, as well as playful experimentations with forms and genres that come with the meeting of disparate cultures. With A Frame Apart the Queens Museum of Art showcases these singular visions, which are at once intimately local and inexorably intertwined with the tumultuous forces of global capital.

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