Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Reading List

Haven't had a chance to sit and read by the pool or the beach this summer because of all the rain but I have bought a lot of great photography books recently. I drove up to the Center for Photography at Woodstock last month to hear Linda Connor speak and get my book signed. Her beautiful monograph Odyssey is published by Chronicle books. I haven't seen Linda since graduating from SFAI. Its always a pleasure to listen to her talk about work and it reminded me how much I miss those "double slide" lectures on the "Sacred and Profane".

Aperture's put out some amazing books lately. All the Days and Nights by Doug Dubois is beautiful and touching. Its an inspiration to me. I've been photographing my family now for the past 7 years, but Doug's been doing it since the 80's! The end result is a rich, powerful and wonderfully edited monograph. Sawdust Mountain is also a recent release from Aperture. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak when i ran into Eirik in Syracuse in April. The finished product is stunning. Always a big fan of his work but still waiting for an exhibition/book of the Animal Holes?
And last but not least is Night/Shift by Lynn Saville. I love the way she captures light and color and the filmic quality of the images.
So maybe I haven't been reading a lot this summer but I have been looking at a lot of pictures and getting inspired.

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Rebecca Horne said...

I remember those sacred and profane lectures too. I always had so many great ideas while looking at all the photos. I remember struggling to write them down in the dark.