Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still Going, Still Life...

"Still life. The deep pun hidden within the term: life with death in it, life after the knowledge of death, is, after all, still life."- mark doty

Been shooting with the 8x10 camera for the first time and it is intense. Larry here at CPW has been helping me out A LOT and i 've really needed it. (Thank You Larry!) Shifts, tilts, swings, bellows, its all more than i can handle at times. The camera itself is so big and heavy, and hard to manage, but when i see the image gleam from the shadowy back of the glass it takes my breath away.

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Liz said...

this is so beautiful! you are doing an amazing job. i so enjoy watching you transform many of the objects i see on a regular basis into this kind of "still poetry".